Day 5 ~~ EPCOT

Today we went back to EPCOT because had scored reservations at Le Cellier for lunch.

The Candian grounds are just beautiful.

It's raining in this picture:

While we waited to be seated, the kids started to make a mask so they could get it stamped at each country around the World Showcase. Unfortunately, when it rained after lunch the masks got soaked.

We didn't have to wait very long and as we expected, the food was absolutely wonderful!
I of course had a steak and cheddar cheese soup.

The kids each got a chocolate moose for dessert.

We stopped for a group shot after lunch while it wasn't raining:

When we were done we headed over to Station Cool where you can get samples of free drinks from around the world.

Hmmmm, which one should Bri try?

That one Bri... "Beverly"..... I think you'll like it!

 OH well, maybe not!!

After Bri told said she would never trust us again, we headed into the museum tucked inside one of the pavilions that had vintage EPCOT memoribilia in it.  I love it!

Then we headed out to walk the countries, stopping into Mexico first to ride the ride and see the gorgeous handmade animals.

The ride pictures came out blurry but I added them anyway:

Off to Norway where we took usual picture of everyone under the troll. The little kids insisted on wearing hats:

Next up: Japan. I can taste the yummy candy now!

We watched Miyuki make caramel animals. This is a dragon that didn't photograph clearly:

We watched the Taiko drummers. Another highlight of our trips!

Then we went up into the gardens

and checked out the Koi fish who wanted us to feed them

And then we got our first Kaki-gori of the trip.
Shaved Ice! YUM YUM.
I always get melon and the kids get rainbow.
Jeff likes Cherry.

Then we took a walk through the tin toy exhibit.
I didn't know it at the time but this was the last time I would be able to see this.
It's been there for about 5 years and this was the last year before all the toys went back to Japan.
If I had a lot of money I would seriously consider collecting these because I JUST love the them, especially the robots.
I have a ton of other pictures from previous trips fortunately.

ACK! Blurry pic again!
These are pictures of the boxes that the toys originally came in.

The Fastpasses we had gotten earlier for Test Track were good so we headed over there and took a silly picture.

Of course after that thrilling ride, everyone wants to drive their own car.

It started raining again, this time pretty hard so we headed back to the room to stay dry and watch more Olympics before hitting the sack.