Day 7 & 8 ~~ Magic Kingdom

The last 2 days were kind of a blur. It rained so hard we couldn't do as much as we wanted. And I couldn't take out my camera much either so my picture taking suffered terribly.

We still had a good time though and when we weren't at the parks we were enjoying the Olympics.

Our last day we slogged around the Magic Kingdom and enjoyed the Tiki Room:

The Jungle Cruise:

Here it is folks......
Can you believe it?

Shirley's Temple:

He'll trade you two of his heads for one of yours!
Pretty good deal when you think about it!

Then we hit Pirates and onto Tomorrowland for Buzz Lightyear.
I grabbed a couple pictures of the scenery:

And some ducks who were loving the rain:

One last look at the castle:

And finally a train ride around the park where I took some more ominous cloud photos:

We reluctantly headed back to the resort for the last time, but not before Jeffrey made friends at the bus stop with some ducks who were looking for handouts.

Once we arrived back to Old Key West, we got out bags out of storage and took our last ride, The Magical Express, back to the airport. We grabbed some dinner before hopping on an evening flight back to California.

We had some beautiful views as we took off:

The plane ride would have been completely uneventful if not for some guy on our plane who had an allergic reaction to peanuts, went into shock and we had to make an emergency landing somewhere in Texas.
He turned out to be OK because he walked off the plane by himself.

The only plus side was that they allowed us free access to the pay-per-view movies after that and everyone got to watch whatever we wanted on our personal video screens the rest of the way home.

Jeffrey and I watched Kung Fu Panda... very funny!

Jeff watched Iron Man but lost the last 10 minutes when we landed and they turned off the TVs.

Ah well!

Overall we had a really great trip and I am looking forward to doing it again next year!!!