Day 4 ~~ Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom

By day 4 I had hoped maybe we could actually get an early start morning but apparently some of us don't read the memos:

You've met our son, Mr Pretzel Leg ?

Alex on the other hand is ALWAYS up early, but he goes out to the patio and plays his Nintendo.
Mr Plan-ahead! I like it!

A few shots of all the plants surrounding our balcony:

When everyone was finally up, we headed to Animal Kingdom. It took absolutely forever to get there. There were no AK buses for 45 minutes then 3 of them showed up in a row. Fortunately that doesn't happen very often.

We immediately got some fastpasses for Expedition Everest then walked the Maharajah Jungle Trek. It is so beautiful!

Boy Bats (sorry to point out the obvious.. I'm really just a 10 year old boy at heart)

When we were done it was time for lunch so we headed over to the Yak and Yeti for our reservations and took some more pictures while waiting for Em and Bri to get there. They had an even harder time getting started than the rest of us this morning.

Once they arrived we got seated pretty quickly. The food was excellent but the meal took almost 2 hours. Again, this was because our waiter took forever to bring drinks (almost 10 minutes from when he took the order),  then took forever to come back and take our food order (at least another 10 minutes) and then it was another 20 minutes until the food arrived. After he brought the check it took 10 minutes for him to come back and pick it up then another 10 minutes to bring back the credit card. Slow and forgetful wait staff seems to be a running theme this trip. At least we were enjoying each others company so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

We walked over to EE when we were done and my stomach was in knots all over again anticipating the ride, even though I knew what to expect. We got in the fastpass lane and 2 minutes later the ride broke down and that was that. Secret happy dance for me!

We went into the store there where Katherine bought a cute round stuffed Yeti. As we were gathering up our stuff by the stroller Erin noticed we were missing Jeffrey. (Yes his sister noticed, not his mother). I hurried back into the store but couldn't find him. After a few frantic minutes he turned up outside with a cast member who said he was very matter of fact about the whole thing telling her he was lost and he knew to ask a cast member and could she help him find us. I was relieved because I was afraid that he might have ended up getting caught up in the crowd and people surfing in one direction or another to the other side of the park.

We headed back to the room because it was beyond hot, as the cool morning clouds had cleared and the sun had come out in all its fury.

We only spent about an hour cooling down before we turned around and made our way to the Magic Kingdom for the first time this trip.

We rode lots of rides including Buzz Lightyear, Carousel of Progress and People Mover before we stopped to eat at Cosmic Rays. Then onto Philharmagic, Small World and Haunted Mansion (where we all agreed it was much spookier when you ride it at night).

We then found a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. The show was fantastic!
There is nothing like a Disney fireworks show!!

We waited for the crowd to clear  then went on Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Big Thunder Mountain (extra good at night), Autopia and Winnie the Pooh.

We tried to get on Space Mountain but it was going on 1 AM and the line was almost an hour.

Heading down main street:

Off to the resort and off to bed!