Day 6 ~~ MGM

Day 6 already!!

Today was MGM day.... (oh sorry) Hollywood Studios.

This was the bus ride at about 10AM.... we were the only ones all the way there.
Sometimes it didn't seem like it was the middle of August because the crowds were so low.
I think it must have been the threat of the storm.

We had reservations at the 50's Prime Time Diner. One of my favorite places to eat.

Erin and Jeffrey:

Our waiter (Cousin Dave) who was great fun:

Don't you just love these "old" TVs?
I waited forever to get a picture while the castle was up on the screen!

And here is Emily deciding what she should get for dessert:

Brownie Sundae!

When we were done Jeff, Bri and Alex wanted to go on Tower of Terror (Jeffrey said he didn't want to "float") so while the 3 of them did that, the rest of us relaxed in the Tower basement out of the rain.

While we waited I took some pictures of the Hotel.

Look at those storm clouds!

These are all taken in the "basement".

By now Tropical Storm Faye had stalled over the Orlando area and it was raining more and more and harder and harder. After the ride, we wandered around trying to keep dry, scooting in and out of the stores. We decided to try the back lot tour since there was no line at all. We discovered it was NOT a good way to keep dry (especially if you are sitting on the outside of the tram):

Oh goody!
Another chance to get even wetter!

Then we gave  the Muppet Show which was MUCH drier.
Don't they look Faaaaaabulous Dah-ling?

By this time the rain was coming down so hard it was nearly impossible to enjoy anything so we headed back to the hotel.

These pictures don't do the storm justice.
As we were leaving:

And back at the resort:

 and from our balcony:

Time to get inside, stay dry and warm and watch the Olympics.